Uganda in Pictures

 Welcome to Uganda

Dramatic Landscapes, rare and exotic wildlife and a smiling, welcoming people. Uganda is a land of diversity and beauty. It’s easy to get lost in superlatives when describing Uganda, so we’ll show you instead. Make yourself comfortable and scroll down to join us on a “highlights reel” journey through the country that Winston Churchill famously called ”The Pearl of Africa”

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Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

A dense swath of alpine rainforest blankets a steep mountainous terrain, sheltering our gigantic but gentle relatives, some of the last Mountain Gorillas remaining on the planet. A trek through dense jungle is rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime experience; to be in the presence of these awe-inspiring creatures in their natural habitat. The scenic region surrounding  the forest is dotted with volcanic foothills and beautiful crater lakes.

Here you could: Track Wild Mountain Gorillas, Walk all the way through Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest, Enjoy a Batwa Pygmy Cultural Experience, Take a side-trip to beautiful Lake Bunyoni

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bordered by the Rwenzori foothills, flanked by lakes and bisected by a river channel, Queen Elizabeth is one of the world’s most bio-diverse National Parks.  Hippos lounging in the calm waters of The Kazinga channel nonchalantly watch elephants arrive for an evening drink.  A wide variety of beautiful antelope and other game roam the plains, whilst in the southern Ishasha section – rare tree climbing lions rest in the boughs of Acacia and Fig trees

Here you could: Go on Safari, Take a Boat ride on the Kazinga Channel, Track Chimpanzees at Kyabura Gorge, Take a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride over the savanah.

Kibale Forest

Unarguably the primate capital of the world, Kibale Forest is home to 13 different primate species (14 if you count yourself!). This is one of the top spots in the world to track wild Chimpanzees. Should you find them you’ll marvel at the ways our closest relatives interact with each-other, and learn from your guide the secrets of this remarkable forest. Nearby Fort Portal serves up a vista of tranquil crater lakes and lush, green tea plantations. A mountaineering expedition in the nearby Rwenzori Mountain range; a unique journey and the experience of snow on the equator!

Here you could: Track Wild Chimpanzees, Spot rare monkey species in Bigodi Swamp, Take a tour of a Vanilla Plantation, Climb the Rwenzori Mountain Range (separate expedition – approximately 7-days) 

Murchison Falls National Park

The mighty River Nile squeezes itself through a mere 6-metre gap to create the powerful, unrelenting explosion of water that is Murchison Falls. Gigantic crocodiles, hippos and a plethora of birdlife can be admired up close on a boat safari, while a safari game drive at dusk has a chance to spot predatory cats on the prowl for dinner. Chimpanzees can be tracked in nearby Budongo Forest, while near the park is Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – re-introducing these magnificent giants back into Uganda.

Here you could: Take a boat safari to the falls, Camp over-night on the Nile delta, Track Chimpanzees in Budongo Forest, Track Rhinos on foot at Ziwa Sancturary, Sport Fish for Nile Perch

Lake Mburo National Park

Protruding Rock kopjes provide panoramic vistas across this picturesque National Park. The varied flora of Lake Mburo creates a habitat for animals not seen in other major parks such as Zebra, Eland and Impala. A safe environment for non-vehicle based safaris presents a range of active safari activities such as horseback, mountain biking and walking safaris.

Here you could: Take a boat trip on Lake Mburo, View herds of game from horseback, Get close to nature on foot or bicycle

Kidepo Valley National Park

In the far, remote North of Uganda bordering South Sudan, Kidepo is one of Uganda’s least visited parks. The rugged, arid terrain and the silence of the open plains gives it a feeling of true wilderness. Visitors here can be rewarded with sightings of animal not seen elsewhere in Uganda such as Ostrich or Cheetah. Lion sightings in this park have been reported as nothing less than spectacular.

Here you could: Go on a night-time safari drive, Witness a different way of life with a cultural visit to the remote Ik tribe, Be the only person for miles around


Small, relaxed and seated on a peninsula in Lake Victoria, Entebbe is home to the International Airport yet far enough from the capital city of Kampala to be a quiet, pleasant spot to relax after a long flight. From here, Jane Goodall’s Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is accessible by boat. In nearby Mbamba Swamp, a trip in a local canoe offers good opportunities to spot the pre-historic looking Shoebill Stork in the wild. Entebbe’s colonial Botanical Gardens were the setting for the original Tarzan movie in 1957 and host a variety of rare plants and birds.

Here you could: Visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Go for a Sunset Cruise on Lake Victoria, Search for Shoebill Stork in Mbamba Swamp, Play 18 holes of golf


East Africa’s adventure capital and the mouth of the River Nile, Jinja is renowned for its White Water Rafting and other adventure activities. When the fun is over it is also a lovely place to spot a variety of birds and enjoy the sunset as you watch The Nile meander past on its long journey to Egypt.

Here you could: Raft the Nile on Grade 5 rapids, Bungee jump over the river, Go quad biking, Take a fishing and briding excursion, Ride horseback along the banks of The River Nile

Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon

On the fertile Eastern border of Uganda lies the dormant volcano of Mount Elgon. Rainfall from the summit flows down the mountain to create the impressive triple water falls of Sipi. Mount Elgon is a spectacular multi-day hiking expedition to the caldera and down through bamboo forests. Sipi Falls is a tranquil place to soak up nature, take a cultural coffee tour or embark on a little mountain biking.

Here you could: Hike the waterfalls, Learn how coffee goes from the field to your cup, Mountain bike in the Mount Elgon National Park, Hike to the summit of Mount Elgon (seperate expedition – approximately 4-5 days)