Usefull Travel Information

Uganda Travel Information

As well as having an unforgettable experience we want to make sure you’re well informed and prepared for your visit. The below is a brief over-view, but please get in touch if you have any specific questions.


The official currency of Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling, notes of which come in denominations of 1,000 through to 50,000. As a rough guide US$1 = 3,200 and £1 = 5,000. Nearly all tourist lodges will accept $US notes (newer than 2006) however if you wish to purchase anything locally (souvenirs, snacks etc..) you will need Ugandan Shillings. The best idea is to change $US upon arrival in Entebbe – notes of $50 and $100 attract a better exchange rate. Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards are becoming more widely accepted, we can advise you on which lodges do or do not accept them.


If you are planning to travel to Uganda, we first and foremost advise you to take a visit to your local travel clinic or Doctor for advice on vaccinations and medication. For an overview of the typically recommended vaccinations, the CDC Traveller Health page is a good place to start. Most parts of Uganda contain a malaria risk and a preventative medication is considered mandatory for travellers. Consult your doctor or travel clinic as to the best medication for you.



Uganda is a largely peaceful country and the vast majority of tourist visits are enjoyed without incident. Crime when it occurs is generally in the form of petty theft; we advise to always carry your money securely on your person and use room safes in the hotels and lodges that you visit. Please consult your government’s Travel Advisory Page for Uganda and feel free to ask us for clarification on any points.


Uganda straddles the Equator so experiences a tropical climate of “wet” and “dry” seasons. Changes to the global climate in recent years means seasonal changes are less predictable than they once were, however seasons are generally:

Dryer: December to February & June to September.

Wetter: March to May & October, November.

Travel is possible and enjoyable all year round, rain does not usually hinder travel and can produce some dramatic vistas and a welcome coolness in hotter areas.

Flying to Uganda

A number of major international airlines fly to Entebbe, we can advise you on the best one to suit your location and budget as well as flight timings that will help you make the most of your time here.

From Europe a number of airlines fly direct, via the Emirates, or via major African cities (e.g. Nairobi)

From North/South America major airlines connect with the above-mentioned airlines coming out of Europe.

From Australia / New Zealand the best way is via the Emirates or South Africa – we recommend an overnight stay here to break up the journey and arrive in Uganda feeling refreshed.

From most parts of sub-Saharan Africa you can reach Uganda using one or more regional airlines. Some safari air operators offer flights direct from areas such as Kilimanjaro, The Masi Mara or The Serengeti National Park.

Food and Drink

Traditional Uganda food consists of starch staples such as maize flour, matoke (plantain), cassava and potatoes. These are served with beans, vegetables and meats such as fish, beef, chicken or goat. Most lodges and restaurants serve western dishes incorporating some of the above local ingredients.

Drinking water is widely and inexpensively available, we do not recommend drinking tap or river water in Uganda. Sodas and beers are widely available and safe to drink. The best value wine is imported from South Africa.