Why Travel With Us

Why Travel with Us?

We believe that if you are going to do something, you should do it properly and with care. We know, live and love Uganda and that is what we offer. A quality, thought-out holiday prepared individually for you. Our values as a company are:

Service | KnowledgeValue | Your Experience


We’re with you from the beginning to the end. We’ll first discuss and plan your holiday with you, providing you with a comprehensive quotation covering all aspects of your trip. The only surprises we like are the good ones!

Once you are happy and wish to confirm your trip with us, we make all the arrangements here in Uganda personally, so we can be sure everything is booked exactly as we have quoted it to you.

As the date of your departure nears, you’ll get a call from us in case you have any last minute questions (this is not to say you can’t contact us any time!).

Best of all, we will meet you off the aeroplane when you arrive in the country. We’ll also be in touch with the various lodges, guides and service providers through-out your trip to ensure everything is running to plan. If by any chance it’s not, we’re here to make any alternative arrangements.


Our knowledge and experience of Uganda is truly first-hand, having lived and worked in various National Parks and lodges over the last six years.  We’ve watched the seasons change, driven the roads, seen the country develop and hosted thousands of tourists.

From this, we’re aware of what works and what does not. We’ve seen what the weather is like in each part of the country at different times of the year. Even if you’re covering one of the more popular tourist routes, we’ll look at the timing, direction and modes of your travel to keep it unique. We endeavour to design your itinerary to experience all the wonderful aspects of Uganda, yet with a few tweaks to make it truly special and personal to you.


Traditionally a trip to Uganda may be organised by a travel agent in your country and operated by another company here in Uganda. As we professionally manage all aspects of your holiday from beginning to end, we minimise the costs involved to give you a better value holiday for your money.

We do not believe in hidden costs, small print or “surprise fees”. What you see on your quotation from us is exactly what we will provide – we’ll make clear any additional costs that may occur on the trip.

Your Experience

We genuinely want you to enjoy your time in Uganda and book your trip with peace-of-mind.  We only use established, accountable service providers with a trusted reputation. Included in all of our trips is AMREF “Flying Doctors” medical evacuation cover. This being said, we insist that all of our clients have a valid personal travel insurance policy for their trip. This will be an unforgettable experience, one you’ll enjoy with-out having to worry about the details.