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Are you an agent thinking of adding Uganda to your Africa portfolio, or perhaps looking for someone who can provide you with a unique service outside of the mass-market offerings?

With 10 years’ experience on the ground in Uganda, coupled with Sales Management experience in one of the UK’s leading boutique tour operators – we are uniquely positioned to offer you the best of both worlds. An insider’s view to Uganda with the perspective of your operation and your clients in mind.

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From our time on the retail side of the market, we understand that Uganda does not always take priority in many companies’ Africa programs. Hence sales coverage and country-knowledge can sometimes not be as high as the more popular safari destinations on our continent.

We try to fill that gap where possible. We don’t just make ground arrangements, but when necessary will work in consultation with you (if required) to fill in any knowledge gaps and help plan the best trip that suits each of your clients.

We’ve lived on both sides of the fence. Growing up in France and New Zealand, we understand the expectations of most western tourists and how to manage these in a country where tourism is still relatively undeveloped.


You offer a tailor-made product to your client – therefore we believe we should offer a tailor-made product to you. If you would like us to quote you exactly what you ask then that’s what we’ll do. However – if you’ve not been to Uganda in a while, or not visited a certain part (we appreciate that you can only achieve so much on a FAM trip!), let us do the leg work and draw on our expertise of Uganda to create the perfect itinerary for your client.


We appreciate that with the exception of legacy clients, many perspective customers may shop around, approaching multiple companies for quotations. While speed-in-response is not everything in winning the sale, we believe it certainly creates a good first impression and assist you with this. Our custom-built quotation system and network of local contacts allows us to turn around your requests in matter of hours, allowing you to get back to your clients more promptly.

We are based in Entebbe, right next to Uganda’s only International Airport perfectly positioned to meet and de-brief your clients as well as offer any support needed through-out their time in Uganda

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